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Saaristomeren Melojat - Etusivu

Safety instructions

  • Always use a life vest when paddling
  • Avoid paddling alone
  • When leaving from the paddling center write your name and time of leaving to the log book
  • Paddle close to shores and start preferably against the wind as it is easier to return downwind
  • Be aware of other boats and traffic
  • Be aware of your own skills and capacity plus the weather changes
  • If you flip, come out of the kayak, turn it around, put your paddle into the kayak and swim holding on the kayak to the closest shore. Or ask for help from others.

Paddling is safe and the kayaks flip over very seldom. It is important that you follow the instructions given by the employee. If you have some health related matters or disorders that can affect paddling, like epilepsy, diabetes or poor swimming skills, please inform the guide or employee. Participants are not insured by the club and we don’t compensate for missing glasses or other accessories.