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Frequently asked questions

What should I wear when paddling?

When paddling you always get a little wet. Dress accoring to the weather; we recommend comfortable outdoor clothes. Take a water bottle , sun screen and sun glasses, set of dry clothes for change and a towel with you. It is good to tie your glasses/sun glasses to your clothes. From us, you'll get all other equipment like a paddle, a life vest and a sprey deck.

Is paddling safe?

Paddling is safe and the kayaks very seldom flip over. For your paddle tour to be safe and fun, it is important that you follow the instructions given at the paddling center. It is better not to overestimate your skills nor to underestimate the weather.

What if my kayak flips over?

If the kayak flips over, come out of the kayak, turn it back right way up and put your paddle inside the kayak. Then swim to the closest shore holding the kayak at the same time. You can also ask for help from others passing.

I can't swim?

According to the Finnish law, you should always wear a life vest when paddling. Our life vests are suitable for those, who can swim. If you can not swim we don’t recommend you to go paddling at least on your own. Our customers are always paddling on their own responsibility.

Does possible disorders impact paddling?

We don't recommend paddling without experienced company to people diagnosed with epilepsy, diabetes, balance disorder or other disorders that might affect paddling.

Can I drink alcohol when paddling?

We don’t rent kayaks for people who are under the influence of alcohol. Alchol beverages or smoking are not allowed in the Uittamo paddling center's area. If you are planning a party including alcohol, please start the celebration after the paddling somewhere else than the paddling center's area.

Is the paddling center open if it's storming?

We might need to close the paddling center for the day due to bad weather. We inform about this always on our web pages. Small rain does not matter, but hard wind or thunder can lead to closing of the center.

I am obsessed with kayaking! What possibilities are there?

For beginners we offer beginner courses, that help you to start with a new hobby! When attending one of these, you can join as a member in the club and enjoy all the memberhips benefits.