In English

Saaristomeren Melojat is a canoeing club in Turku. We have roughly 400 members that mostly take part in
recreational kayaking, kayak racing, youth activities or paddle just to keep fit. For our members we arrange
kayaking tours and training, and we take part in competitions. In winter we practice in an indoor swimming

For non-members, we rent out kayaks and arrange beginner courses. For companies and other groups, we
organise kayaking events. Our clubhouse is located at Pitkänsalmi, 5 km from the city center. It is open
from May to September. There we have dressing rooms and showers and store our kayaks.

You do not need to speak Finnish to participate in our activities. It is easy to rent a kayak as our personnel
at the clubhouse also speak English. You can participate, for example, in our short beginner course, if you
have a friend with you who can interpret for you. Some of our instructors can instruct in English, so you can
ask for courses and events in English.